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There are 5 Workshops to Choose From:

This Is A One Day Intensive - WITH  MASSAGE INCLUDED As Part Of The Course.

gay yoga
beginners yoga
mens yoga
pranayama course
 meditation course

In this ONE DAY intensive.

Choose a day that suits you, choose one of workshops that draws you.

Spending a full day together is a a great way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga.

Explore the different dimensions of yoga and yourself, and all its health benefits, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - the day workshop is for you and however deep you want to delve!

These courses are offered to individuals as a one on one experience, or you can have a friend join in.

Its an opportunity to immerse yourself and get away for the day to relax, unwind and enjoy a custom made program for yourself with lunch conversation and a massage for your body.

The day is packed with content, partner work, instruction, practice and explanations of all the why and how. It is a full day, and so much fun! You will be guided step-by-step through the day, and you will be totally surprise with yourself at just how much you learn in just ONE day.

Spend the day in the yoga studio and  enjoy a day escaping the world and spending time with yourself.   It is always nice to do parts of the workshop in the park or by the river which just just down the road from the studio (weather permitting). An enriching day, with a program that is completely tailor made exclusively for you and your needs.

A good time for a workshop is to start around  10.30 in the morning and finish around  4 o'clock in the afternoon - but open to more flexible options that can work around your schedule. some people like an earlier start :)

  *** A yoga  massage is also included as part of the course.

spinetwist on PARK.jpg

Lets go Outside

In the sunshine 

If it is a Beautiful Day

You are welcome to do part of the workshop at a very private part of Yarra River which is just a short stroll away from the studio.

Depending on weather, it is a really nice way to spend part first part of the workshop and have lunch then .

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