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There are 4 Kinds of  Massages Available at GMY

Each of the 4 massages offered at GMY are unique and each style offers you its own completely different experience.  

1    Deep Yoga Stretch Massage ... (floor work)

2    Yoga Therapy Massage ... (massage table work)

3    The Double Massage ... (combination  table & Floor)

4    PYR  Massage ... (massage table work)

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Deep Yoga Stretch Massage

If you are  looking for a stronger deeper stretch with a combination of massage with stretching and yoga postures?

Read below and book yourself in.


Open up every part of yourself, Increase your flexibility & lengthen your muscles.

This unique combination of yoga stretching whilst being massaged at the same time offered by GMY is mix of floor work on a yoga mat where you are put into positions to stretch the body whilst being massaged in the area being stretched at the same time.


This system of stretching and massaging will really allow the muscles to be relieved from any tightness, stiffness and soreness, yet at the same time allow the body to maximize its full potential as holding the stretch with the deep massage will increase your flexibility.

There is one on one partner work together with each other to open the body up. This can be discussed if you prefer to work independently with just the stretch and massage.

The guided moves will put your body into specific positions, with some pressure applied and guided movement which will be instructed will encourage the body and specific muscles to open lengthen and will alleviate deep tension and free yourself from muscle aches and pains,


The Stretch massage will also release toxins stored in body and will energise and invigorate the body and dramatically increase your flexibility.  This unique system is completely tailored to your specific needs. and this system can be a gentle process or it can be a strong approach (if needed)

This Deep yoga Stretching with Massage comes from many years as a yoga practitioner, yoga masseur and teacher. 



Yoga  Massage

If you are looking for a relaxing, healing massage on a table with specific pressure applied to areas of your body that you need?  

Read below and book yourself in.


Relax, Lay down, give in and let someone do all the work for you.

This choice of massage uses a strong hands on approach (if needed) with a combination of alternate firm and flowing strokes, with some guided moves to put your body into specific yogic positions whilst lying down.

With acupressure and guided movement this will encourage specific gentle squeezes to target the body parts and internal organs which in turn will alleviate tension and muscle aches and pains, release toxins stored in body and will energize and invigorate the body and mind and your sense of self.

The combination of yogic remedies through touch and placing the body in its specific positions and massaging direct energy centers & the specific body points will gently stimulate to activate healing process to release the blocked toxins in the specific areas of the body which sometimes become toxic within the corresponding areas of the body.

This unique yoga massage therapy will be tailored to your specific needs and can be used as part of the Mind-Body awareness or can be enjoyed independently as a relaxing nurturing letting go experience.


Massage can be one of the best ways to also enjoy the wonderful benefits of aroma-therapy and the awakening of the senses because you receive the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils as well as the healing power of the massage.

This Yogic Massage Therapy comes from many years as a yoga practitioner and teacher.



The Double Massage

If you cant decide which one to choose ?  Then this 2 hour  double  session this the perfect opportunity to have a combination of both!

The first hour is  partner work to stretch the body open and to loosen you up.   The aim is to  relieve all the aches, pains, stiffness,  tightness and soreness, and to work with movement and flexibility.


The second hour is an organic coconut oil massage to totally relax  condition and rejuvenate the  muscles relaxation massage  to relax you after the streching.

This is not for the faint hearted, but this 2 hour session will definitely open you up and chill you out.

All are welcome.



PYR Massage

If you are looking for a  wholistic deeper massage  then PYR  Massage is the choice.

 A guided relaxation,  nurturing very gentle and revitalising. 


What is P.Y.R? 

P.Y.R. is an acronym for Progressive Yoga Relaxation. 

It is a  guided relaxation,  moving sequentially from the outer, large muscles of the body, inwards to the fine muscles controlling our inner, subconscious responses to stress and tension.

By learning to completely relax the whole body, we are able to access the deeper reaches of the subconscious mind, to deal with the issues which are the deeper underlying cause of many of todays health issues.

This unique combination of  touch  and PYR is a therapy to help release the mental, emotional and physical strain that is very much a part of living in todays world.

After a PYR massage you  will feel lighter, more aware, you will be refreshed and recharged.

These massage therapy sessions  also supports people through the following experiences such as .

  • Tauma

  • stress

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • Fatigue and exhaustion

  • grief and loss

  • self worth and acceptance 

**PYR massage is a facet of Yoga Therapy - To facilitate PYR the practitioner must be a qualified yoga teacher and have completed a post graduate course  in PYR.


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