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pranayama course

This course will offer personal printed workbook with instructions which we will work through together so you can fully understand the practice and benefits of using the breath.

Prana is translated as breath, and means respiration, life, vital energy and strength. Pranayama is the knowledge and technique of intentionally controlling the breath to regulate the flow of energy throughout the body.

This discipline of yoga develops mental concentration and clarity, along with vibrant good health and is an excellent prelude to anyone wanting to deepen their meditation work and personal vitality.

Our breath is our body’s primary source of energy. We can survive for weeks without food and days without water…but take away our breath and we can survive at most a few minutes. This fact alone shows us just how important our breath is to the overall functioning of the body.

Science has proven that almost all chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” Proper breathing nourishes the cells of the body with Oxygen, and optimize the functioning of the body on all levels.When we loose control of the breathe we loose control of our lives.

It is a great course to help with depression and anxiety - or just for personal rejuvenation.

In this workshop we will look at the respiratory system and how pranayama can help with boosting the immune system, lower blood pressure, regulate hormones, detoxify the body, heal the heart from disease & help with anxiety & balance our emotions and take control.


*** A  private Yoga class  and a Yoga Massage is included in the course.

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