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If you attend yoga classes regularly, or you have established a personal yoga practice, or if you have never tried yoga before and want to try it out and see what its all about,  a yoga workshop  can offer you  the insights you need to discover some tools and allow you to build experiences beyond those usually included in a typical  class.


In a workshop we can, highlight a single technique and work through a yoga posture to be better able to understand yoga and be able to work with yourself that bit more deeply and be able to dimensionalize  what you are learning just that little bit more , it in all its forms, physically how it may benefit you as well as emotionally , mentally and spiritually if you wanted to delve there.

In a group yoga class environment it is always difficult to personalise instructions and show modifications of postures and all the yoga variations.

 In a workshop, you can ask questions and benefit from targeted assistance and advice and discover alternatives to postures you are challenged by and achieve them through a variation. 


The intensive focus of a workshop will answer questions you didn't even know you had, and raise your awareness to appreciate what you already may know. 


Building strength and stamina is not  just physical.

Focusing on yoga for a Sunday  group afternoon  workshop or if you prefer to work individually in a private workshop through full day workshop  will shifts your awareness,  about yourself and train you to sustain a better perspective  of yourself and yoga - both on and off the mat.

Private workshops can be through and day of the week that works.

Workshops draw students from different yoga styles and far-flung places. In a group workshop you will connect with a group interesting men  and have more opportunities to interact while we work together and  share experiences.

Every workshop is completely different, but they all have one thing in common: participating in a yoga workshop is empowering, great fun and an opportunity to work with others but,  more importantly  to work with yourself,


This is a special invitation- come and see what Gay Men's Yoga can do for you.

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