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Beginners Fundamentals
Yoga 1

beginners yoga

In this course we will discover what is Yoga, and what is the purpose of Yoga - including the breath, energy movement and physical postures.

This workshop is an excellent supplement to any yoga practice and to the classes offered at gay men's yoga.

The course information will be applicable not to just GMY classes but to any yoga style you may wish to practice at any yoga studio you may wish to attend.

The focus is on providing physical instruction on the how and most importantly the why .

This course is a great way to start with yoga if you have not practised yoga before and are a complete beginner.


This is a deeper intensive program as an alternative to the beginners course.


Fundamentals 1 is ideal for anyone wanting to know the whys of yoga.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced this course covers all the basics.

*** A Yoga massage is included as part of the course.

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