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Gay Men's Yoga is a private studio located in the inner city of Melbourne, Collingwood, Australia.


The focus of GMY is ONE ON ONE  private yoga sessions, yoga massage,  stretch therapy, meditation and progressive yoga relaxation.

GMY also offers and guidance for men, physical, emotional, mental  & spiritual if anyone wants to delve there!

GMY does offer the option of small group classes, which are open for anyone wanting to work with other like minded people. Group classes are small, fun and intermit (limit of 8 men)

Since 2001 Gay Men's Yoga has created a dedicated space for men of all identifying gender  to practice yoga in an easy lighthearted way with like minded people interested in their health & well being.

The Yoga Studio welcomes everyone from all walks of life.

GMY will help you relax, keep fit, reconnect with your purpose and enjoy life. This centuries old system of focused breathing techniques,  relaxation, meditation and conscious exercise will give you a healthy body and a calmer emotional and mental outlook.

Yoga is one of the many alternative ways to open up your body and mind, connect with what's really happening in your life, your emotions and with your health. Take this opportunity to balance your hormone levels, increase your flexibility, strengthen your immune system and look your best - both physically, emotionally and mentally.

The style of yoga practiced is referred to as Raja Yoga. This style of yoga is special, not only because of it's therapeutic remedies, it is special because of  the medicinal values and benefits it manifests in the body.

This traditional style of yoga specifically works on your body your emotion your mind & soul 

In the yoga classes we will explore and practice postures which will squeeze  and massage our internal glands so you can get rid of the toxins and build-ups of stale blood and hormones that build up in and around the glands themselves.  

By practicing  this specific style of yoga  "Raja Yoga"  often referred to as (Yoga for the king from ancient times)  "raja yoga" we become not only healthier and more aware of ourselves, we become more relaxed and relieved of tension and stress.  As a result we become more confident and inspired with life. We become the king of our worlds!


This is a special invitation- come and see what Gay Men's Yoga can do for you.

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