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Group Classes

There Are Six Group Classes For You To Choose From.

  • Three weekly men only group classes:

  • Two monthly men only group sessions:

  • One weekly mixed gender classes:

All group yoga classes are open to everyone at any level, from beginner to the more experienced. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to attend any of the classes from the group schedule below.

If you prefer to have a private classes to start off with or a private beginners course your more than welcome to book in. 

The classes are good fun and everybody is real and genuine, but most importantly, there is no judgement or competitiveness in the group amongst anyone.  It is a very relaxed safe space. 

Everybody is tight in different places, unfortunately because of marketing, media, many yoga studios and gymnasiums, they have all led us to believe that yoga is about flexibility. Yoga is not about flexibility, Yoga is about you!


Not everyone has a beautiful body as advertised - everyone has a different body  with different needs, some mental, some physical and some emotional or spiritual. 

Gay Men's Yoga classes are tailored to address every part of yourself inside and out, so you become a comfortable person living inside your body. Individual guidance, clear instructions and help is in every class.

Come along to see what Gay Mens Yoga can do for you.



The Multi Pass is a 5 class Pass which can be used across all weekly group yoga classes at GMY studio.

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