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Internet Private Classes

At a time that works for you.

Live Personal & Interactive

​Explore Yoga & Deepen Your Practice & Understanding of Yoga.

Many people live in remote and distant places and people live all kinds of lifestyles .

The internet yoga private classes are perfect for those who are unable to attend group classes, or for people who just prefer to practice yoga online at home on their own with a teacher online. . 


In the sessions you will learn how to properly achieve and perfect the yoga postures, but more importantly we will discover and understand the meaning behind each posture, and practice to  make yoga work for you.

Yoga is not just a physical practice,  It is a combination of 50% physical and 50% mental. In the classes  we will workshop and explore everything  about yoga  and put into play.  

We explore the why!

The classes  involve stretching to open up the body and increase flexibility, followed by the yoga postures to rejuvenate  the mind and body.  

Relaxation and meditation can be part of the classes if you wanted to explore the deeper and more personal aspects of yoga and you..


Absolutely everybody is welcome.

Teacher : Krysto.

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