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What is Pranayama?

  • Prana is healing energy for the body.

  • Prana/Energy allows us to bring ideas from the world. around us into reality.

  • Prana is electricity for the body.

  • Prana animates us - in its absence we are depleted.       

  • Pranayama is learning how to be the master of energy.  

Prana = life force

yama  = control

Imagine doing a simple breathing exercise every morning to start the day with an active mind.

Imagine doing a simple breathing exercise every night after work to relax and unwind.

Seven minutes of full yoga breathing a day can change your life

We can bring energy into the body from anywhere around us - if we have the tools. The breath and the lungs are the obvious place, but we can also take life force in from anywhere, the eyes, the skin, the feet, and the mind!

Pranayama is a way to regulate the body and mind. Yogis use different techniques/breathing exercises to keep body energized and functioning to the best it can be as well as learning how to keep the body temperatures cool or warm.

Pranayama allows for a bridge to be built to bring the two hemispheres of the brain together (the conscious & sub-conscious mind).  This will allow us to look at and reveal some inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions which we might not be aware of.  It will create a freeway from the conscious mind to the emotions & the subconscious.


If we don’t have enough oxygen in the body we age faster, become tired and apathetic. Lack of oxygen can lead to brain damage and disorders which are very common in today's world.


Most importantly it allows us to radiate energy into us and out from us.

There are two options available to do the Pranayama course:

Option 1

A four week course - Price: $395.00  includes a  free weekly group yoga class of your choice.






Option 2

A full day workshop - Price: $395.00   (Day Workshop is for 6 hours.  Included is a private yoga class and a Massage)

Click here for full details of workshop option.

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