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Need that stranger /someone to just let it all out with.

Sometimes that's all we really are looking for: a comfortable place - a neutral space and an open minded understanding person.

It can be hard to open up and be honest about how you are really feeling. You may be used to putting on a ‘front’ with others and pretending you are fine. However, this leaves you feeling isolated and alone, which makes things worse. These are some of the ways that talking to someone can make a difference:

Are you having a rough day? Been feeling down for a while?

Everyone goes through tough times, and no matter how long you have had something on your mind-whether for just a few hours or months-it’s important that you talk to someone about it. You don’t have to confront your setbacks alone. Here are a few of the benefits of talking to someone about how you’re feeling.

Sort through your feelings. 

Talking about your feelings can help you make sense of them. Sometimes, just verbalizing what is upsetting you to someone you trust can help you sort through your feelings, or make the situation clearer.

Put things in perspective. 

If you have been keeping things to yourself, a situation seem more overwhelming than it actually is. Talking with might help you see the situation in a new or different perspective. Someone outside the situation might also be more neutral about what’s going on because the outcome won’t affect the independent listener. The person you speak with might also suggest options that you had not thought about before.

Release tension. 

With some yoga work and Talking through your concerns can also be a great way to vent and release physical pent-up tension. Just “getting the problem out” can help you feel better. Not only does it feel great, but it can also give you new insights into what’s happening in your life.

Unburdening yourself.
It can be a great relief to get things off your chest. For some people it helps a lot if they know things will be kept confidential.


Getting perspective
Voicing thoughts or fears is very useful in making sense of them and putting them into perspective.


Easing isolation
Dropping the mask, being honest and connecting with someone else on a real level helps to counter the isolating effect of depression.

Deciding who you want to talk to is an important first step. It’s important that you can trust the person you speak with.

Different people offer different kinds of support, so talking to different people can help.

A safe place for you to just relax and open up.

Gay Men's Yoga can involve different aspects of: guided gentle movements , guided relaxation , some meditation, soul discussion, healing , or a gentle massage. Most importantly an understanding person whom you can trust , is free from judgment and criticism.

Together we will verge a program that works for you.

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