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Personal Healing is the "Science Of Life"

As the early Greek physician  Hippocrates said, “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Ironically, when it comes to treating the ailments of modern life, which can be exacerbated by chronic stress and a relentlessly fast-paced life these thousand year old healing methods might be some of the best remedies.

The exploding popularity of meditation and yoga -- the physical and mental health benefits of which are supported by an extensive body of scientific research have put ancient healing methods on the map. In addition to the more popular mindfulness practices, there are many more timeworn (but still science-supported) self-healing methods you may not have heard of that can work wonders in boosting your health and well-being.

Personal healing and health is often achieved through deliberately employing new psychological pathways for your thought to travel.

Scientifically this is called connecting new dendrites in our brain . We often get stuck in old patterns and old ways of thinking. The new personal tools learnt will allow a bridge to be built over the old thinking patterns rendering them subordinate and will allow new approach's and alternative outcomes in daily decisions which may improve the psychological and physical conditions of a person.


Personal healing is learning ways to:

Decrease the stress hormones that may impair physiological functions where there is chronic stress.

Decrease muscle tension, which can worsen or produce pains in muscles, tendons and joints when there is chronic muscle tension due to stress.

Improved sleep that can be achieved through relaxation, which improves physiological functions

Improvements in emotional tensions, depression, anger and other illnesses and emotions that can otherwise impair social relationships and functioning in the workplace, leading to vicious circles of increased psychological symptoms.

Personal healing is an integrated approach to life skills and a unique perspective on mind, body and soul, that can transform the experience of physical emotional or mental unbalance into a journey toward wholeness. The focus is on simple and effective practices to do regularly in order to improve health and overall well-being and to live a life, filled with health and purpose.

The core belief is that every person possesses the wisdom, compassion and power within to heal themselves it just needs to be taught. Today research confirms that this can be achieved through numerous practices, including relaxation, breathing exercises, fitness exercises (yoga), imagery and Meditation.

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