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  1. It is an opportunity to still the mind and to reflect within.

  2. It is an opportunity to solve issues and find peace in our thoughts.

  3. It is an opportunity to discover an inner space – an inner world.

Meditation is being in the present- in the now (this moment). It is a changed state of consciousness which can be scientifically measured.  When we meditate the chemicals in the brain and the brain-wave patterns are altered. Neurotransmitters of the brain are stimulated thus creating new brain connections (neurons & dendrites) to be established.

Meditation is the conscious use of the mind. Using the mind in a way we want to use it –not how it wants to work!!  The brain is under our control, it is our own tool to use – a good example is a power tool -we use it as we wish- the mind is the same, it should be used at our will.

Meditation can help with stress. When we are stressed we are in a state of distress.
Distress mean to be pulled apart, which is exactly what has happened, our outer self and our inner self are not working together, they have been pulled apart. This is where our hatha (physical exercise) meditation pranayama and relaxation can help the body and the mind.

Meditation is good for healing the inner being.  Healing = being whole.   
Meditation is growth- we explore the inside of self and we become calm, confidant, and we change our selves dramatically. It is an opportunity to be in a different time, and space- it allows us to stop the world for a moment and lets us get off for a while.


This Meditation Course

This course will offer instruction in the view and practice of meditation.

Together will take away the mystery of what meditation is and bring it back to the absolute basics where you will be able to clearly identify with what it is and how you may use it.

We will explore a variety of meditation techniques and alternative ways to meditate and together create a tool box for you to use.

Instructions are given on working with thoughts, feelings and emotions to bring the mind to a more restful state.

The knowledge once practiced will promote clarity and calm.

This course is great for anyone looking to combat personal issues which may be troubling them.

There are two options available to do the Meditation course:

Option 1

A four week course - Price: $395.00  Includes a  free weekly group yoga class of your choice.

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