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रवि, 20 सित॰


Online Event

AcuNidra & Yoga - Online Mini Retreat

A Three Sunday Mini Online Retreat - Clearing The Physical, Emotional & Mental Bodies. A combination of yoga accupressure, a deep guided relaxation. THIS IS A MIXED GENDER EVENT

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AcuNidra & Yoga -  Online Mini Retreat
AcuNidra & Yoga -  Online Mini Retreat

समय और स्थान

20 सित॰ 2020, 2:00 pm – 04 अक्तू॰ 2020, 5:00 pm

Online Event

इवेंट के बारे में

A Three Sunday Mini Online Retreat - Clearing The Physical, Emotional & Mental Bodies


Many of us have been, and still are experiencing an unprecedented  amount of pressure during the pandemic of Covid 19.

We have subliminally stored negativity during the winter lockdown. We are constantly bombarded with bad news, fear, and loss of personal freedoms. It is time to change all this: A Three part series of AcuNidra and Yoga sessions has been designed to clear the negativity and, embrace our personal growth.

Over the three Sundays we will be focusing on different stages of clearing, rebalancing and reconnecting with the multi dimensions self.

Session 1 -The Physical.

We will begin with the physical - opening up and preparing the body to start the work on self. To do this we will first strengthen both the physical and energy body to be able to conduct the energy we will be working with through the nervous system. This will strengthen our body and help us cope and better handle all the challenges and energy which will come our way.

Session 2 - The Emotional.

We will work on the emotional body and start eliminating old emotional patterns and release emotions which we have subconsciously absorbed by our surroundings. These can sometimes be people, observations we have seen and heard from social media, conversations in all environments, or advertising and marketing.

Session 3 - The Mental.

Finally we will work on the mind to release mental patterns and thinking processes which don’t work for us anymore and begin to expand our consciousness to allow ourselves to have  the experiences and understandings which will allow us to connect with our true inner self and our soul's intention .

The aim of this retreat is for you, to realise your integral connection to these 3 environments of self and what that means for you.

Each session will be a unique combination of esoteric Chinese medicine practices together with inner sound re-calibration and guided healing meditation, coupled with a slow moving Yoga session which will give you a deeper understanding of your energy centres and their physical counterparts, the endocrine glands and your hormones which make you who you are and, more importantly, who you want to be.

The clearing workshops and the intention of each session will give you a transcendental experience you will crave to practice more and more.

Now is the time to :

Clear the energy pathways and focus on creating who you want to be as we come into spring.

Clear out the old new and create the new you - the you that you want to be.

Spring is time for change and new beginnings.

Over 3 Sundays (20th and 27th of September, 4th of October), 2pm to 5pm

(PLEASE NOTE: This is a mixed gender event.)

Cost per person:

$40 per session, $100 for all 3.

For more information of how to book contact your hosts:

Spiros Antoniades ( ) & Krysto ( )

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